holiday insurance
A lady from the Manchester area on her holiday's on the Bodrum Peninsula was
last night flown home by Air Ambulance.
This lady had been in hospital for a number of weeks, the cost of her treatment
is believed to be in the region of £100,000.
There were problems regarding her insurance some time ago, the insurance
company claim that their client did not divulge all of her past medical history,
therefore her insurance was void.
The company involved, said that as an act of goodwill, they would donate £30,000
towards the air ambulance.
Sadly this lady lost her life shortly after arriving back in England.


holiday insurance
yes that is a lesson to us all to get appropriate travel insurance and read the small print.

At least she died in her home country with i hope her family with her. What a terrible situation for them all.
holiday insurance
Family were waiting for her at the airport, she was transferred to an ambulance and on the way to hospitsl she suffered a heart attack. The report said she had not disclosed all her pre exsisting conditons and this made the insurance void. I was in hospital 2 years ago in Cesme with gallstones, the insurance made 2 calls to the hospital to speak with 2 doctors, I had to speak with them and they spoke with my doctor and then the information had to be faxed to them, it took a whole day and I couldn't be discharged until all the checks had been made. I had told them about medication I was on and it was given the ok for them to pay the £2000. My GP told me later they had quizzed him about things nothing to do with gallstones and he reckoned they were trying to get out of paying.

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