Hello to everyone. (Hope I'm doing this right).
I'm Jo, living in Ovacik, OluDeniz. Luckily, retired young and been here for 5 years already.
Looking forward to hopefully adding some useful 'stuff' on the Turkish Living Forum and learning lots from other members.


I Love Kleopatra Beach !
Hello Jo glad you joined the forum and hope you enjoy it , Lots of info on here and i'm sure you can add some more , ..Is Angels bar open now ? ... .....Diane


Hi Joanne and a warm welcome to the Forum, I do hope you enjoy. Looking forward to your posts.
Remember to pick up an application for the Golden Girls you would be very welcome, only joking but do take part if you like a laugh as well as the serious aspects.
This is a wonderful mine of information this forum, hear your 'stuff' soon. xx

Sunny Seasider

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Hi Joanne, it's good to read that you're living the dream and being able to do it whilst you're still young too. Look forward to reading about your experiences whilst living in Turkey for 5 years, I've never been to your are, but our friends have a villa in Ovacik and visit twice a year, they love the area, so maybe we'll get to visit one of of these days. Hope you enjoy the forum.

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