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Hi to everyone there
I'm Erdem from Samsun/Turkey.
I'm a 38 years old teacher of English language at a public high school here in Samsun.

I've been introduced to this site by "superbogs" who is also a member and an old good friend also.

I'm married with one child, but just for another six months more, because we're expecting the second one :angel:.

Well; I'm really very busy with my school and my son Batuhan. Of course got hobbies;
I'm into heavy rock music, listen to and play (for last eleven years I just play to myself) you can call me an old rocker :splat:
Motorcycling and Motography (take photos on the bike, not really when riding, yet!)
Samsun is a great place for riding with endless beaches and deep green countryside.

hope to meet new people and talk, share opinions, ideas...etc.
thanks to all in advance.


Hi to everyone there
Hi Erdem and a very warm welcome to the forum, I do hope you enjoy.
Hi to everyone there
Hos Geldiniz Erdem, Welcome to the forum.We have been over to the black sea way back in 1985 and found the scenery to be like our home country of Scotland. Also the music, the TULUM,are like our bagpipes. Sorry not hard rock:36329ht5b. We also went up the coast to Trabzon to visit the Sumela Monastery and the churches there. It was a really interesting trip although it rained a lot, again like our own country. We now live in Bodrum but are moving up to Istanbul in a few weeks. Hope you enjoy the forum and find it interesting. Congratulations on the expected arrival of your second baby.MASALLAH.

ted j

Hi to everyone there
Hi from me too Erdem . I'm an old rocker too(see my avatar, this is my baby now, my daughter has grown up) enjoy. Ted


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Hi to everyone there
Hi you old rocker ,lol hope you enjoy the forum, have fun.

Jeannie :224xb:


Hi to everyone there
Hi Erdem bicmac here i am from Belfast in Ireland very pleased to met you ( i am trying to learn guitar old rocker but i think i am to old to learn now see you by mate .


Hi to everyone there
Hello and a very warm welcome from me.

Its good to have you on board.

It would appear you can be a great help as far as the Pebble project is concerned.

Looking forward to reading your next posts.Love and Hugs Maggie xx

Sunny Seasider

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Hi to everyone there
Hi Erdem, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed reading your first post, and very best of wishes for your secons childs' arrival.


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Hi to everyone there
Hello eroxdoza, very much welcome to the Forum, and can I ask where in Turkey Samsun is?
Hi to everyone there
Hi Erdem,

i'm moving to Trabzon in January with my husband and 2 young sons, just in time for the snow! lol

welcome to the forum, i'm also a 'newbie' here

trisha x
Hi to everyone there
Hi Erdem and a warm welcome to TLF
One or two of us have been involved in Pebble,s project which I understand Superbogs has mentioned to you and I posted on her thread an introduction to you.
I wish you well and hope you enjoy this forum!!

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