Hi there
Hi everyone, My name is Haitham, i am a 23 years old guy from Cairo, Egypt.

I am currently a comm. engineering student, i will finish next year.

I am also self-studying Turkish, thinking about trying to find work in Turkey in IT industry.

Part of me is Turkish as my great grandfather was a Turkish army engineer who came to Egypt at the time of Mohamed Ali's ruling.

So now i joined Turkishliving to get to know more about Turkey and its people, how it is to live there and so on.

So, hi everyone :)


Hi there
Hi Haitham, welcome to the Forum, very interesting introduction. Look forward to your posts and getting to know you, enjoy the forum you will have endless hours on here.


Hi there
Well hey there - you are very welcome. I wish you success in your studies and hope you achieve your dreams. I know you will find lots of useful information and make lots of friends here on this forum. Enjoy :28:


Going to get Thinner
Hi there
Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy yourself on here.
Good luck with you trying to learn turkish.
Have fun.

Jeannie {Scotland} :28:


Hi there
Welcome to the forum and may you have good luck and success and
all your dreams become a reality


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