Hi from a newcomer!
Hi, I am a newcomer to the TLF although i have lived in Yalikavak permanently for nearly two years with my man (sorry for not getting involved sooner!!). We are both English people who just love Turkey! I love meeting people with similar interests to myself. My interests include, walking, swimming, good food, good company, gardening, yoga and learning Turkish (well trying to!). Hope to hear from some of you!

Ms Who

aka Kym Ciftci
Hi from a newcomer!
Hi Kedi,

Welcome to the forum :) I have a big interest in good food, just dont like cooking it myself! Love walking and swimming but never seem to find the time - used to do yoga and promise myself everyday I am going to take it back up!.

Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures in Yalikavak :)


Hi from a newcomer!
Welcome to the forum Kedi, nice intro. Good to hear positive things from someone living the dream.

Alan Fidler

Ceteris paribus
Hi from a newcomer!
Hi and welcome to the forum Kedi.. i look forward to reading your contributions.


Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Hi from a newcomer!
Hi Kedi, you sound a nice pussycat, hehe. You are a lucky pair to be living your dream in Yalikavak, we've a place in Gumuskaya, maybe get to meet you on one of our visits. We come as often as we can, due out again in 6 weeks, lol.


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