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Hi All
Hi All
This is Cornelly from Egypt,24 years old
willing to visit Istanbul soon in the next month
would like to get some help from members about where to go and everything you can help me about
thanks guys


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Hi All
Hi Cornelly and welcome to the forum.

Sorr can't help you but i'm sure someone will be along shortly that can. Have fun,



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Hi All
Hello Cornelly and welcome to the forum.

Where in Egypt are you and what are you willing to visit Istanbul for ?

Are you Egyptian, or an expat living there ?
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Hi All
Welcome to TLF and hello Cornelly,

Are you only willing to visit Istanbul or any other areas of Turkey?



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Hi All
Hi Cornelly,
Welcome to TLF. Have you had a look at the Istanbul forum yet? Lots of information on there. I plan to go there next May for the first time. There was a recent post by Mirraz about New Years Eve (31st December) in Istanbul. I think there was a reply by Chatty Cath which was very informative on location in relation to the sights. Anyway have a nose around for ideas. Best of luck, Carol

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Hi All
Hi Cornelly, welcome from me, hope you find all the info that you want, this forum is a mine of information. Enjoy the banter on here.

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