Hi all
Just thought introduce myself. I live in suffolk at present but I have been to turkey every year for the last four years. I will be looking to spend some more time in turkey in the next few years, being there for several months at a time. I am investigating whether it would be better to buy a place or rent. Also looking for opinions about the best place to go, I have been to fethiye, ovacik, kayakoy and marmaris. I liked kayakoy the best so far but I would think that would be be too quiet if you spent more than 2 weeks there at a time.




Hi all
Hi and welcome, I think Kaya persons will have to answer the charge, but it seems a nice place to be for those happy people! Bodrum- Gumbet are much livelier...?


Hi all
Hello - everyone here is friendly and you'll get loads of good advice and answers to any questions.


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Hi all
Hello & welcome Tommy, sure you'll will find lots of info to help in your eventual decision.
Regards Carol


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Hi all
Hello Tommy and welcome from another Suffolk-ite to the forum. Its a great place to be


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Hi all
Welcome to the forum Tommy.

We've been here in Kaya for over 5 years, and the quietness doesn't bother us at all. :lol:

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