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Hi All
Hi All
My name is Claire and I am new today to this site.

I have lived and worked legally in didim now for the past 16 yrs and am married with one daughter.

I am partner in an exciting new business in Altinkum which is going great guns at the moment.

Hopefully I will get to know a few of you on the forum and will offer as much information with regards to area etc as I possibly can.


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Hi All
Hi and welcome,
l know of many Claire's in Altinkum which can be quite confusing when l shout out to Claire across the road,only to find l am surrounded by many females looking at me.

ls that the reason why you call yourself Claire one to avoid such confusion in this way.The bloke can now shout out Claire one with relief of knowing he won't be stampeded.

You say you have been working legally for 16 years in Didim.Does that also include Altinkum,l knew someone called Claire that was a founder for a successful estate agent near the police station,but moved opposite the dolphin square area in around 2005.

Sorry,just being nosey


Hi All
Hello and welcome Claire. Mmmmmmmmmmm, I'm wondering if its the lovely Claire from Deli-cious!!! Exciting new business?? :biggrin:


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Hi All
Hi Welcome to the Forum Claire,
Yes, we are all curious to know about your exciting new business, but I guess you did mention it that way on purpose just to get us going .......


Hi All
This is like What's My Line !!!!! Claire, would I be right in thinking there's a smile in your new business?


Hi All
Hi Claire, big welcome to the forum = Put us out our misery - the new exciting business is .............................................................

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