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Hero friend died
A friend of my wife died yesterday in Ankara. She was walking on the side walk with her two children and her sister in-laws two children when a speeding car jumped up on the sidewalk and hit them . The wome at the last second grabbed all the children to save them, she did but died as a result. The children are all in the hospital. She was only 35

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Hero friend died
That is so very tragic Bob, how sad that those poor children are now left without their Mother. My sympathy goes out to her children and family. My thoughts are also being sent for you and Semra (and baby Mary) to have loved and lost a good friend and so young too.



Hero friend died
what dreadful news , how do you explain that to the children. Life is so cruel and strikes terrible blows in unexpected places. I hope they catch the driver and he gets dealt with appropriately.

My thoughts are with you and your wife and your friends family



Hero friend died

People can make astounding sacrifices to save others, with no thought for their own well-being.
Your wife's friend was undoubtedly one such heroine.

All best wishes to the families concerned.



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Hero friend died
What a terrible thing to happen.My thoughts are with the children and the one that has sacrificed her life for the little one's.

Do you think it is natural reaction to save someone you dearly love without thinking of the danger at that very split second in time.l sometimes wonder how l would react in a situation similar to this one, by sacrificing my life to save others.l really have no idea of how l would feel.But whatever the reason,she was a brave woman


Hero friend died
Ohh Bob just logged on and I am so very very sorry to read your post. What a heartbreaking sad sorrowful thing to happen. My thoughts go out to everyone involved including you and your family. Absolutely horrendous. So sorry. Poor family, the days ahead will be so hard for everyone involved.


Hero friend died
Oh my god, what a sad and tragic thing to happen. You are right though, she did die a heroine. I am sorry to hear it.


Hero friend died
OMG how tragic but what a selfless mum she was, so brave and so young. I hope the children will not be affected for life for seeing that tragic accident. Molly


Hero friend died
AAHHHH Bob, basin sag olsun to semra. what a tragedy. my thoughts and prayers are with the family..... vah vah vah....yazik....


Hero friend died
So tragic but what a brave lady - Yes Bob I DO think that it would be a natural reaction to save the people you love - I know if the same situ happened and I was walking with my grandchildren I would certainly in that split second try to save them

I cant imagine the pain having to tell those poor children x

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