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hi all, iam thinking of buying a two bed apartment in altinkum....iam ready to visit and find the right one for me but still worried that iam making a mistake....can anyone give me a word of advise. am i making the right decision????


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Hi Craig4941 and welcome, there is alot of info on here about buying and lots of posts about peoples experiences, good luck with whatever you decide


Welcome to the forum, best to post your questions in the relevent section.

Pay only 5% and the balance on receipt of tapu in your name and go for a resale.
Hi Craif welcome to TLF.
Juco has given you the best advice.
İ would add why dont you rent an apartment a few times first and see how you like it at different times of the year.
İ certainly wouldnt advise anyone to buy off plan this is where most problems arise.


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Welcome to TLF. I would suggest:
read this forum as lots of info (you can learn pitfalls from others experiences),
take your time (so much available you will be spoilt for choice and in a position to bargin), go under your own steam rather than a viewing trip if possible as you will be able to dictate the pace and not be pressurised.
Whatever you do best of luck & hope it all works out.
Regards Carol


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If you are thinking of moving to Turkey permanently and have not lived here before at all, then it's best to RENT for at least 6 months to 1 year before taking the plunge. That way you would have time to explore the area, take day trips to other nearby towns in Turkey, or even domestic flights to other parts that may actually suit you better in the long-term. Internal flights are very cheap.

Stay over winter months, not just summer. Often some of the most popular resorts are 'ghost towns' in winter, as the guys who worked in bars/restaurants in season have all gone back to their villages. Lots of bars, shops and restaurants in several areas completely close down out of season.

If you are staying in the UK but buying in Turkey as an investment/holiday home then this might be a good time to buy. Due to the recession, lots of re-sales are back on the market, often completely furnished, with full air conditioning, TVs, DVDs. microwave, etc. You could snap up a bargain.

Check the area thoroughly though - where is the nearest big supermarket - how far is the airport - how much is airport transfer fee - what is the season in that area, ie when swimming pools are open (this varies tremendously in Turkey. Istanbul even has a different climate to Side and is a 14 hour drive or 1.5 hr flight away. Side has 300 days of sunshine) - does the place have a pool - how far to the beach - what time in the evening does the dolmus stop running to your area - what tours/trips are there for renters/yourselves - any history to the area - how many English people are there nearby, or English speakers - how far is the bank - is there anyone there that speaks English - etc.

Make sure you see the Tapu (Deeds) with the seller's name on it and also their Habitation Certificate, electricity bills and water bills - all with seller's name - or buying could become a nightmare for you.

When I first bought in Turkey, I emailed all the estate agencies in the area I wanted to purchase in. None of them would give me a price for any of their properties until I went to their offices, bar one. That one also offered to give me 5 x email addresses of English people who had bought from him in the last 3 years so I could ask them any question I wanted. I did that. They all said their only regret was that they had not bought somewhere in Turkey before then! :95im:


Use a good agent. There are still some dodgy ones still in business. If you do visit a few times, "don't be taken in with all the smiles and friendly attitude." This means nothing, but money for these people.
As soon as they know you are looking for properties they will feel like your best friend.

There are two good agents in here: Crescent Homes and Turkish new key Homes. (Ms Who) in here.

There is also members properties for sale advertised in here with all paperwork in order.

A property a few years old, all snags sorted. Some are furnished and maintained to a high standard. Ready just to drop suitcase in.

Oh and be careful of any high maintenance fees.
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Welcome to the forum Craig. If you're having second thoughts and asking for confirmation of your decision as to whether to buy or not to buy. I would advise you to rent at first, depending on what you're wanting it for, a holiday? an investment to rent out? or to live permanently, all depends on where you will purchase. Like others have said read the forum, there's lots of info on here, good and bad, off plan or resale, it's only you that can make that decision. Enjoy the adventure of the search though.
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hi all, iam thinking of buying a two bed apartment in altinkum....iam ready to visit and find the right one for me but still worried that iam making a mistake....can anyone give me a word of advise. am i making the right decision????

Welcome to the forum, at least you made a good start by joining here, there is lot of information and plenty of knowledgeable people who can help you with information.

Whether you are making a mistake in buying in Altinkum depends on what you want and which agent you use to make your purchase. There are a lot of things to consider and you need to contact some good agents in the area (we are one of them) and once they have your requirements can advice you accordingly.

But have a good look around the forum and ask any specific questions you have to narrow down your research.

Good luck.


Hi Craig and welcome to the Forum, not much for me to say except take heed of what has been posted in your welcomes. You have done a good thing and joined the forum before you embark on a purchase, a luxury many of us like myself wish I had done, take care, take your time and do not be railroaded into anything. If you see something you like try to remember if it is for you, it won't go past you. You are the one calling the shots, remember that!!!


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Do your homework on the company or agent that you use/buy from. Speak to as many people as you can.

This area is a wonderful place to live/holiday as long as you get your purchase right.

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Hi Craig, my wife and I are coming to Altinkum in October to purchase a property. This website is brilliant and has given us bundles of invaluable info.
We have been researching emlaks and procedures for about 6 months now and have been recommended only 4 good agents (two of which are on this website - crescent homes and turkish new key homes) Its a minefield, do your homework carefully before you rush in.
pm me for the other two emlaks website.
Good luck


Hi Craig and welcome aboard or was it Abroad ?!!?

We have been looking around different parts of Turkey for the past four years. As we approached Altinkum for the first time last year, we started to see properties we had seen on the net and instantly said YUK !! Any how, we fell in love with Akbuk without giving Altinkum another thought until this year. Upon our return, we decided to give Altinkum a chance and have now invested in a brand new, four bed duplex.

The Agent we used are Brit-Turk, Jim and Billy have been fabulous, showing us properties within our price range, in areas to our liking. They are located opposite Tuntas Hotel at the end of 2nd Beach. They will answer any questions you may have and will take you to shops where you can buy your furniture and white goods.

Towards the end of September we are going back out to take over the keys and to get our white goods and furiture delivered. All the best.


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