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Help! Transit Visa Overstay
Hi everyone!

I will be travelling to dubai via turkey in two weeks time and will be getting a 5 day transit visa for attestation of my degree in Ankara. They wont give me visa for more time coz they say i am late in applying for a longer duration visa. However, I have purchased tickets 10 days apart. What would happen if i overstayed my 5-day transit visa by 5 days. What would be the fine? Will I be jailed n all?? Mind you, I am a pakistani!


Help! Transit Visa Overstay
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If you overstay your visa you will certainly get a fine and it could be a large one, also it doesn't matter where you are from.


Help! Transit Visa Overstay
Yes I have heard they are not easy on Pakistani passport holders, but then there are so many illegal migrants coming through the other way ...I am afraid you fall under suspicion.
Passport control can be rather implacable.....I would not try it, probably cheaper to change the tickets than pay the fine, and avoid being banned from the country for the next x years.

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