Help required please ...
Thanks for opening this thread. My husband has had a severe back problem for the past 30 years. Operation, orthopeadic specialists, acqupuncture, xrays, pills, potions, holistic and any other possible alternative medcines have been tried. No cure is available but we did find a Glucosamine jel creme that has bought some much needed relief. Whilst on our last trip to our villa in Uzumlu, we decided to take a look a Hisaronou and just chanced our luck in a pharmacy there. They produced the product we have now run out of and unfortunately, we will not be back in Turkey until 2010. We can buy English Glucosaiamin Jel but this is missing the Turkish ingredient that is bringing relief.

There is a website displayed on the tube which I have looked at ZED ILAC - FEYZA FARMA this throws up I have emailed them but have received no response.

I was just wondering if someone out there would help us out here and possbily buy say 6 tubes of this creme and send it to us in the UK. Of course, the cost of the creme and postage would be paid for.

So its a huge favour I am asking and of course, your trust in me that the cost would be reimbursed as soon as possible.

Right, just in case someone is prepared to take this on, the name is Chondurax Glucosamine & Chrondroitin & Armoa Active - Essential Oils Jel Krem - its in a blue tube and the word Chondurax is written in yellow with a picture of a knee joint next to it. However, when you look at their website it is shown by way of advertisement on there.

Again, thanks for opening this thread and in anticipation of someone's help, many, many thanks. Denise.

P.S. Just in case, to save a wasted journed, we did try the pharmacy opposite HSBC bank in Fethiye and they didn't have anything to help.


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Help required please ...
Can you describe where the pharmacy in Hisaronu was. As you probably know there are half a dozen or so of them there.


Help required please ...
Hi, I am flying out on Thursday for two weeks and will be staying in Hisaronu for part of the time with my mother. If you can remember where abouts the pharmacy was, that would be really helpful. I am able to get internet access whilst there, so could email you if i find some.
Help required please ...
I will look at the chemists in Side for you and if I find any will pm you. if you want I will bring you some back when I go back to the UK for Christmas and post it to you from there. Hopefully you will get some before then.

As there is a picture of a knee on the packet if I can find it I will get some for hubby as he has a bad knee.

Help required please ...
Thanks very much but I'm afraid I couldn't be specific as to what pharmacy it was. The only way I can described where it was is that we parked in the large open car park coming in from Ovacik and just walked along the right-hand side of the road towards the fairground, I believe it was on a corner but other than that, I'm sorry, it was just one of those things where you are just strolling along and I thought, Pharmacy, I'll try in there and see if they have anything. If you do find yourself at a loose end one day and you do stroll into a Pharmacy, that would be great. My email address is Many thanks. P.S. Have a good holiday!
Help required please ...
Hi Denise..isnt it great how people help out here...its a wonderful forum

İ think that you will be able to find this Gel at other chemists too if perople cant locate your original chemist. ..and after reading your post im going to get some for my back too xx
Help required please ...
Yes, it is great and somehow when we are stuck in England and are missing our Turkish house and lifestyle, it just brings it home to us here which is so comforting, makes it feel just around the corner! If you are able to get the jel creme, I really hope it helps your back. Thanks for your reply - Denise.
Help required please ...
Bought a tube yesterday in Manavgat, its a brown gel sounds the same although there is not a picture of a knee on the box but the box does say everything mentioned in your first post. 24 tl a box. Hubby said his knee did feel better after only one application - we will wait and see. Will try it myself as I do have a touch of arthritis in one knee, but since moving to Turkey this has hardly bothered me.

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