Ok, I'm thick but I picked my (basic model) Turkish Nokia up at the same time as the lap top and other things, the mobile has gone blank so I must have managed to switch it do I turn it on again? I cant find a button like the one on my UK Ericson!


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is it blue and grey ? if so you press the the Red telephone symbal the one that ends a call . The other is green . But you may have locked yourself out . done that So now don't have pin code on my phone ..... Diane
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If you still have you`re sim card bits, you will find the sim unlock on the plasic card. If you have lost these, go back to the service provider`s shop, and they will unlock it for you, no charge.
Thank's for your replies I got it on the 3rd try! Ha! I threw the box and sim card bits out & had to go back to the shop a few weeks ago......dumb or what :)


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You are not alone Miss MP. I had to ask a young girl in the toilets at Glasgow airport how to switch my phone off before we got on the plane. What a minter!!!! :77wu:


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I'm glad you're sorted Pat, like you I had no end of problems and wrote my Pin code for my Turkish Mobile down after having to go through Service Provider etc; etc.

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