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help needed with TAPU... are there any Turkish speaking residents who offer a service
Hi - we are going out tomorrow to an already built and previously occupied place we have paid the deposit on but we are still awaiting completion of sale on (i.e. we haven't paid the balance yet). The people who are selling to us are English and absolutely lovely, letting us stay there whenever we want to.. they just want to sell, but sadly he is very very ill so can't be out there this week. We are like so many others waiting to hear if we have military clearance and if the TAPU can be transferred. The application to the Military went in in Jan 09. We have the no of the TAPU request and have seen its entry in some book or other when out there in Feb. What i'd like to know is does anyone know of anyone who lives out there Turkish or English who offers the service of going to the TAPU office with non-Turkish speaking buyers so we can check if any progress has been made. Obviously we will pay this person for their labour... we just want to know if we are any nearer it actually becoming ours. I hope this all makes sense to anyone reading it! As I'm off out there in the morning I may not reply to any replies (!) for a day or 2 until I get a chance to go to the internet cafe. Many Thanks in advance for any replies.

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