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Help needed re my sisters wedding in Kalkan

My sister is hoping to get married next September (2010) and the information we have been given re what documents are needed and the process involved is very confusing............

Does anyone know what needs to be done both in the UK and Turkey for 2 British Nationals to marry in Turkey.




Help needed re my sisters wedding in Kalkan
Hi Jacs,
Try posting this question on the main forum here.
Also try on Enjoy Kalkan – The Kalkan Turkey Website and Forum
There are at least three people who are on that forum who have married in Kalkan in the last couple of years and I think there is a Wedding Organiser (Kalkan Corcierge?) who can advise.
I wish them the very best and Kalkan is a fabulous place to marry and honeymoon
Help needed re my sisters wedding in Kalkan
Our son and his Wife got married in Turkey and both are English. They had to go the Registrar Office in England and have the banns posted and had to get a certificate proving that they were free to marry. They then had to go to Izmir and fill in lots of paperwork at the British Consulate - for quite a hefty fee.

The wedding was carried out by the Chief Registrar (Nufus Mudurugu) from Bodrum and forms had to be completed at his office some days before the ceremony that was officiated on the beach in Turgutreis and yet another hefty fee paid. Whilst at his office they were sent off to a local hospital to get a certificate that they were exempt from the usual blood tests that Turkish nationals need to marry. The fee for this was about YTL20. So, all in all a very long drawn out, complex and relatively expensive process.

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