Help in posting
I posted replied several times yesterday and today.
I can't see them anywhere on the forum.
Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong.
I appologize for posting multiple replies to the same thread, but I just don't see it.
Help in posting
If I click on 'reply' to an individual post, as I'm doing with yours, it's fine. But when I click on 'quick reply' at the top or bottom, then I see what I've written, but when I go back to the main page to see if anyone has responded, I don't see it anywhere., e.g. my reply to lilly or phil.
Maybe it's my computer?
Also, can I delete a reply to a thread after posting it?


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Help in posting
Make sure you click the Remember Me box when you login, you can't delete your own post, but can edit it, or ask a moderator to delete it for you.


Help in posting
I have to refresh my page often. I don't know why but I look sometimes and it is like things have gone back in time(hope that makes sense) So I refresh and it all comes back up to date.



Help in posting
lol u'll get the hang of it... am new but its easier for me since am on so many other forums... lol Rd, cl, rh, ib, gd! haah
Help in posting
Many thanks everyone.
I tried every one of your suggestions and I have not been logging in or out since I put a shortcut to the forum on my desktop-didn't think it was necessary.
I logged out, then ticked the remember me box when I logged back in-see if it works.
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