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Help help help help help please !
Dear Friends ,
My name is Sibobo i live in Helsinki Finland . I am in need of the following question , Does anyone knows any school , individual or whatever that i can Study to become a KEBAB and PIZZA CHEF ? I wouldlike to get school from TURKEY that is my number one choice , if Not Then anyone who knows a good School , individual , then plaese give me a contact , link and i will find out , this is very urgent and very serious , i want to become a PIZZA and KEBAB CHEF .

You can contact me here or by mail

I am Waiting for Your HELP and GOD WILL BLESS YOU !
Sibobo !
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Help help help help help please !
Hi, and welcome to the forum, an interesting request, sorry I don't know the answer to that but I'm sure there are cookery schools in Istanbul, maybe one of the restaurants in the resort areas might offer training?

Good luck with your search, are you interested in a particular area of Turkey?
Help help help help help please ! this web site has a list of places where you can take a course..usually in restaurants..its in turkish...but if you look at the list at the top of the page...sebest kürsü there and a list will come up of all the places with sure if you wrote in english you will get a response..good luck

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