Derek and Lynne

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Hi everyone,

We are Derek and Lynne from Aberdeen and have two young ones, Lewis and Aimee.

We purchased a 3 bed duplex in Didim at the end of 2007 and have enjoyed many holidays there.

Although we have been an avid readers of the TLF for a while now without contributing anything, we feel the time has come to utilise the forum to its full potential.

We are currently in the process of setting up a residents association and have taken over the running of our complex ourselves but we are now coming across various hurdles. Soon we will seek to draw on fellow TLF members experiences regarding this.

We also hope to contribute and help others where possible.

Derek and Lynne


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Welcome to the forum. You'll find plenty of info already on here but don't be afraid to ask.


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Hi Derek & Lynne and family
Welcome to TLF. Sounds like you will be in good company as others seem to be doing the same as you - hope you get your answers and info here. Look forward to hearing about your experiences & exploits. Glad you have had some decent holidays already so not all bad.
Best of luck


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Welcome to the forum from just down the road from you ,have fun and good luck.

Jeannie :biggrin:

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