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Hi folks!

This is our first visit to the Forum so 'hello' to all at Yasmin Gardens! Hope you are all enjoying life in the sun and that the gardens are looking good. Unfortunately we wont be back this year (taking my Mother to Spain for 2 weeks) but hope to see you all in the Spring.

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Hello and welcome from me, I am not at Yasmin Gardens, but have an addiction to the forum, hope you enjoy it as much as I do. We are in the Yalikavak area (Bodrum).


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Hi & welcome to the TLF.

Don't want to upset anyone here especially you but it seems that your only saying hello to those at Yasmin Gdns ?


Hi Colin and Sue
Met you last time you were out = you will be pleased to know that we have started to build again and all looks lovely hear. Will keep your spot round the pool warm till next year dont worry.

Mo and tom
Hi Colin & Sue We also met you last year we are at Yasmin at the moment and as Mo said all is well hope you have a lovely time in Spain. Margaret & Ian


Dear Colin and Sue. If you are the same C and S who sent Hils and Bill an annivesary card on July 4th we thank you both so so much for your kind thoughts and your card arrived from the UK on the very day - fantastic!! We did not know your personal email so could not thank you at the time. Sorry to miss you this Sept. but wish you and mum a great holiday in Spain. PS I really enjoyed the book you lent me. I will return it next year. Love to all Hils and Bill from Yakamos


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Hello Collin and Sue and welcome to the forum - its a great place for information and chat so join in and have fun, looking forward to your posts

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