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Hello Turkey Magazine
Is this the same as the Hello Alanya Magazine thats available from estate agents in Alanya each month ? . or is it a different one . I wondered if they changed it from Alanya To Antalya
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Hello Turkey Magazine
Looks like a great publication. a wealth of information. Is it in print? I find that the ones in print that are available around town are really a great resource guide.
and usually they have a section of basic turkish that is brilliant.


Hello Turkey Magazine
Yes it is in print. I picked up a couple of issues from my lawyer in Antalya last time. Very informative and nice lay-out. You can find all the addresses where you can pick up a free copy under the tab "your free copy" at the top of the home page.

I just realised that the copies of this magazine I picked up were in Dutch, so I am not sure if the printed version is also available in English or if there is only an online version in English. The magazine was initially certainly aimed at Dutch people in Turkey, but it would be nice if it is now available in English as well. Lawyer Selma Ă–ren lived and studied in the Netherlands and Turkey and, together with her husband, runs a very successful law and consultancy business in Antalya. Her Dutch/Turkish husband Serhat is specialised in helping foreign businesses set up in Turkey.
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