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Hello - my first post
Hi allow me introduce myself to your excellent forum.
My wife and I first holidayed in Turkey in 1999, against my better judgement, as Turkey was not a place I had any interest in at all.
Anyway we booked with Tapestry and went to Turunç, and fell totally in love with Turkey. The following years we stayed at Goçek, Kalkan, Turgot, Orhaniye, Bitez, Yalikavak, Gümüşlük then this year Dalyan and Datça.

We did get in a few trips to New England USA to see my daughter and family, they are residents in Winchester with two gorgeous children.

In the time that has passed our circumstances have changed, children leaving home mortgage paid off approaching retirement and so on.
In Datça we met a number of British residents who made us feel so welcome and included. The bottom line is we are beginning to think about a three month stay, as a prelude to a longer stay, just to see how we like living inTurkey. I have spent hours reading on the forum, good and bad for and against, trying to be realistic.

On the one hand I love my country, I love where I live in The Peak District, and I love our lifestyle, my wife is involved the the local operatic society.
However I also love many thing about Turkey the people (mostly) the climate the food and again the lifestyle. I know one day I will return the England it’s my home, but I just want to experience other ways of living, not just the unrealistic holiday dream but the everyday grind, different problems and challenges and Datça looks like a good place to start.

Thanks for listening.



Hello - my first post
Hi Albert and welcome to the forum.
Congratulations on being a ten year fan of Turkey ! You sound as if you have thought it out well, and why not.
Enjoy Datça - but pop over to the big smoke in Bodrum sometimes!:)


Hello - my first post
Hello Albert and welcome to the forum,I retired at almost 70 on a Wed the following Tues I was here! But same as you Turkey held no interest for me till we came on an inspection trip. We have been living here now for 2yrs-6mth, and just love the laid back life style.

I find that a lot of brits come out here to live and then start to grumble about this or that because something or other is not done that way in England, but this is another country not England and you just go with the flow , so to speak!

I wish you all the best in your endeavours and would say go for it.

Sunny Seasider

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Hello - my first post
Hi and welcome Albert and Mrs. I hope you enjoy gleaning all the info on here, to help you make up your mind, but as Butt007 states, it's Turkey not England and that's what I love when we visit, their different ways of life, quite laid back and no stress with anything. As you've read the pros and cons, you can only make that jump to experience it. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.


Hello - my first post
Hi Albert, Welcome to the Forum, we live here in the Bodrum area for 6 months of the year in two 3 month spells and sometimes a shorter trip in the winter months for a break. We have been coming here since 1987 and of course seen great changes, we've had our house since 1990, but only able to use it properly since our retirement 6 years ago. We still love it here, despite all the trials and tribulations over the years but are usually ready to go home after the three months. I think you are right to try it first and see how you get on. Datcha is a lovely place and Good Luck for your future. Moggycat

ted j

Hello - my first post
Hi from me too Albert. I thought the same thing as you about Turkey before I visited NO WAY! but after holidaying there, I hold my hands up and admit I was totally wrong. I love the place!. The food,(best steaks I've had anywhere abroad) friendliness,weather, people etc, etc , we are moving there as soon as we can. By the way, excellent post .all the best . Ted


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Hello - my first post
Hiya Albert, liked your intro.
Welcome to the forum and hope you find what your looking for.

Jeannie :224xb:


Hello - my first post
Hi Albert and a very warm welcome to the forum, what a fabulous first post i so enjoyed reading it, whatever you decide Albert, I wish you all the joy, that you can wish, take care.


Hello - my first post
Welcome to the forum Albert, that is one of the best intros I have seen in 4 years on here.


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Hello - my first post
Hi Albert & other half,
ditto all the above - a lovely post and interesting read. Always nice to hear people's stories and what led them to Turkey and TLF. Hope the forum aids your research and decision. See you around, Carol x


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Hello - my first post
Hi Albert and a warm welcome from me, too. Loved your introduction.


Hello - my first post
Hi Albert,

Great first post.

We would love to spend longer and longer out in Dalaman. But the biggest consideration, easy to overlook whilst in great health, is the NHS. I think Moggycat has it sorted! Long visa stints of the three months that the NHS allow, then return. Keeping a bolt hold on a property in the UK and the NHS.

All the best with your decison.



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Hello - my first post
Hello Albert,

Great to read your interesting post.

Sounds like you have stayed in many places in Turkey (all are unique in their own way)

Glad Luck if you decide to stay at Datca longer term - the Turkish people and way of life are fantastic. And if you stay longer than a couple of weeks you will encounter a lot of that.


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