Hello from Dalec

My name is Dale and I own 2 properties in Turkey (1 in Hisaronu, nr Olu Deniz and 1 in Bodrum Centre)

I own and manage a website where owners of apartments can include their properties for rental. Currently there is no charge to advertise your property although we do ask for a small commission for any bookings received.

If you would like your property to be included on our website please visit the site and submit your information. We will then endeavour to upload your information within 24 hours.

Dale Cogbill

No website or emails in post thank you

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Hello from Dalec
Hi Dale boyo :splat:

Glad to see you are actually using the forum, even if it is simply to draw attention to yourself! :lol:
How about a nice posting on your stay in Ä°stanbul? I am sure you can drag yourself away from 'little bloody england' pour a glass of the old juice of the grape and tell us just what you got up to last week....................
Come on man, I need someone else to slave away at a damm klavye!!!!!! :der: Keyboard to those who are learning the lingo! I am sure that I am not the only person with an interesting and varied life. Other people have great stories too.
I know you are a wacky bunch out there, especially the one who has two ice-making machines and builds igloos in Ongar :der:
It is not difficult once you get started.You will find that once you start you will remember all kinds of little incidents from years ago, last month wherever. You have all said how much you enjoy reading my 'stories' which is great, but when you have to edit them,check spellings and recap on things, they are boring. :kafa:
Come on everyone, it is your forum and I for one want to know a little of your life.



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Hello from Dalec
Hi Dale (Bodrum boy) welcome to TLF what about a little more info about you.
I must agree with MTC but most people on the forum show no detail in their profile.
It's hard to relate to some-one that hides behind a name alone.
Do you reside in Turkey or live permanantly in the UK, or just take holidays there, do you have a family, what are your interests besides managing a website.
So come on Dale a bit more info please.



Hello from Dalec
Hi Dale and welcome to TLF - are you another Welshie? I'm originally from Llanelli although now live near Sothampton - welcome and enjoy!
Hello from Dalec
Hello Dalec, welcome. Hisaronu and Bodrum - what great places! We had a brilliant holiday in Hisaronu on our first visit to Turkey and we've been back to Turkey ever since.
Hello from Dalec
hi dale..im another one from cymru..outside llanelli...but living in the land of the living now..aka turkey....welcome to the forum


Hello from Dalec
If anyone is interested in having their property for rent advertised on my site FREE of charge please send me a private message and I will then contact you with more information.

Cheers Dale

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