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Hello All
Hiya, name is Sharon and i have got a place in Altinkum which i purchased a year ago , love going there and hope to get to know you all and be able to share my experiences of owning a property in Turkey.

Sharon x

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Hello All
Hi Sharon and welcome to TLF, hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do, I never dreamed I would become so addicted, but if I'm not having a peek now and again I feel that I'm missing out on something, there is so much to learn and get involved with here.



Hello All
:roundgrin Hi Sharon, welcome to the Forum. Hope you enjoy!!:roundgrin
:roundgrin I am also Sharon and go to Altinkum,
Spooky or what LOL!:roundgrin

Anyways Great Minds think alike, take care!!:D:D:D:D


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Hello All
Greetings Sunnyshine Sharon
Welcome to TLF. I have just come back from my first stay in my apartment in Altinkum. This forum has been a lifesaver and a font of knowledge. Someone somewhere at some point will help you with a query and the rest of the stuff is good for a noseabout or a laugh.
Regards Carol x

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