hello all..from france and turkey ;)
After posting a few messages on board, here i am with a bit time to introduce myself :)

My name is Laura, im french and i am 28 ( oh God..)
i have been living in turkey for almost 2years now , in Antalya (Lara Barınaklar), and before close to new Koçtaş, near the otogar ( not so fun though.. :D)

Finally left french life to live with my turkish partner who is 27 and webdesigner and who i know for almost 8years.

I work in a tourism agency which organises tours to Turkey, Uzbekistan and Jordan.We do sell some carpets too.

I usually spend my sparetime walking around (i live in a nice district close to the coast), shopping, cooking ( and cleaning too... turkish wife style dimi;))
I play drums and i like music generally ( my job in France was to organize some concerts in Paris and Montpellier, although i worked in TV too for some years.)

I do love the life in Turkey, people, food, places...
But i guess u all love them too ;)

When i can i like to discover our beautiful region, ive been to:
Termessos, Phaselis, Side, Manavgat, Aspendos, Demre/Myra, Kaş, the beautiful Kekova, more on the north: Eğirdir, Isparta, Gönen..
And only 2times in Istanbul but didnt discover so much of it, i need big holidays to go there again, and i absolutly want to go to Karadeniz region , Trabzon Samsun Rize.. And of course if i can, all the eastern parts..

Too bad for me i have only 2 weeks holiday a year, and i generally host friends here or go back to Paris to take care of mum and see my dear friends.

What else? about turkish food, i love turk kahvesi, iskender, hünkar beğendi, şekerpare, all kinds of dolmas and mezze ( haydarı, humus, semizotu..) and for sure our antalyalı pıyaz.. :)

id love to eat lahmacun pide köfte everyday but id be 100kilos if id listen to my stomach all the time..

i saw with great pleasure that u have a place for indian food, which i love so much, so im happy if i can learn some recipies here, i can only do great chicken curry and stuff with yoğurt and cucumber+tomades which i forgot the name..

As u saw my english is not so good so i hope u wont be so bad with me if i kill ur beautiful language on this forum..
BY the way im planning to move to UK next year so i hope ull see my english improving by the time..

To all memnun oldum, and see u later in here to chat about our so loved turkey .

ps : looking for a bike to buy ( have to make some cardio a bit as im learning turkish food better day by day :D)



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hello all..from france and turkey ;)
Welcome to the forum Laura. Nice to have you here as I'm sure you can probably give a lot of advice. Don't worry about murdering the England language - a lot of English people are quite able to do that, too!!!!!!


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hello all..from france and turkey ;)
Bonjour et bienvenue, Laura!

Veuilez excuser mon francais..je parle seulement en peu!

I too am living over in Antalya and moved to Turkey just over 4 months ago, so am trying hard to adapt to my new Turkish life. I too would like to discover much more of Turkey's beautiful attractions but as yet have not been able to as my Turkish partner works all the hours God sends and typically wants to relax on his day off!!

You made me smile with your love of lahmacun and kofte..i would eat them both everyday if possible-i make my mission to persuade my future hubby to take me to my favourite kebab house on his day off to get my Adana kofte fix!!

(By the way, i believe the Indian yoghurt, cucumber and tomato sauce is Raita)

Looking forward to your postings on here..any info on Antalya will be so useful to me. As yet i haven't made friends here-it's early days, so this forum is a lifeline!

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hello all..from france and turkey ;)
Hi Laura and welcome to the forum.
I'm looking forward to your postings.


hello all..from france and turkey ;)
Bonjour / Merhaba Laura, welcome to the Forum, enjoy, I too look forward to your posts.
hello all..from france and turkey ;)
thx to all!
any meeting in antalya anyone?
for a good fresh efes, tea coffee rakı..what u want ;)
(as long as its before sunset :D :D :D :D :D)

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