Heathers expecting
its true not a phantom.. (eastenders or 'stenders )

but when was the deed done..anybody know who the father is..

great story line..it can bring up all sorts of side issues.. single mum.. first baby over forty...asthmatic... overweight

But who is the mystery man...did she ever have it off with minty or was it the one night stand that Shirley fixed her up with.?


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Heathers expecting
What about the man in the nightclub the night she had the lucky yogurt lid from George Michael's trash? Someone slipped it under the door and she had a big smile on her face but we never saw any more from that storyline.


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Heathers expecting
Could it be Eddie Yates? He's not Bin around for a while the dirty bugger! :D


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Heathers expecting
Apparently Eastender's Producers' are keeping it a closely guarded secret, and haven't even told Heather who the father is yet, lol.

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