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Prescriptions And Duty Pharmacies​

Patients under the SGK healthcare system will have to pay a small percent of certain prescribed medicines total cost.
If you are under 18, suffering from a chronic illness or disability or are on a low-income then these costs are waived.

Private healthcare customers costs will vary considerable some health insurances may cover the whole cost of medications, cover a percentage of the cost or not cover the cost at all.

The use of electronic signatures in public (SGK) and private hospitals in Turkey is now in use.
The doctor issues a prescription it is in the form of a 7 digit code number that is linked to your TC99 kimlik number.
When you go to any pharmacy they can enter your code number into the SGK system and can see your prescription.
You identify yourself using your RP or WP with your TC number/photograph.

Chemist (Eczane) Locations In Turkey
Click here for a full list of every chemist (ezcane) shops in Turkey.
Then just change the ‘where’ box to suit your location.

Duty (out of hours) chemists
The pharmacies in Turkey work from Monday to Saturday between 08:30 and 19:00.
After 19:00 to 08:30 on working days and the entire day on Sundays the pharmacies work in turns of duty according to a duty system they commonly agree on.
You can download the ‘ECZANE’ app on your mobile phone in order to easily find which pharmacy is on duty in your area.
The app is free to download and moreover it shows the name, the address, and the phone number of the pharmacies on duty.
In order to use the app properly, all you need to do is turn your location services on, select the district and the province where you reside.
Remember that most of the young pharmacists can also speak English owing to their medical education. Therefore, you may give them a call right before you go to a particular pharmacy and ask whether they have what you need.
The pharmacies on duty are the ones that would be open for 24 hours.
The app does not offer an English version but it is very easy to use.
Tap to choose, for example, Istanbul, your province, tap on a pharmacy close to your address.
After the app displays the contract details of the pharmacy on duty, you will see the options below;
Eczaneyi Ara – Call the Pharmacy
Apple Maps ile Yol Tarifi Al – Get Directions with Apple Maps
Google Maps ile Yol Tarifi Al – Get Directions with Google Maps
Yandex Navigator ile Yol Tarifi Al – Get directions with Yandex Navigator
Konum Hatası Bildir – Report Location Error.
Tap one of those navigation options to set the route for the selected pharmacy, however, it is highly recommended to pin the name of the pharmacy manually.

Click here for the app at the Apple Store

Click here for the app in the Google Store

Click here for prices for presciption drugs

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