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Health,Safety& legalities of renting
Does anyione know what requirements if any exist with respect to owners who rent out their homes. I'm thinking of thinks like having appliances checked, providing fire extinguishers/blankets, provision of first aid kits etc etc.


Health,Safety& legalities of renting
ha best laugh Ive had for ages--I don`t think they have heard of Health and safety. If you are letting, I would imagine you would do all those things you mentioned as a matter of course.
Health,Safety& legalities of renting laugh for me too..
have you ever watched workers on a building site..puts stuntmen in the shade..its terrifying to see them.
However a fire extinguisher and first aid kit(of sorts) is a must in restaurants and other public places...and the Zabita do go round and see that they are in place...well they do in alanya.


Health,Safety& legalities of renting
Hi sevlow
I did look into this when I first bought my house and came to the conclusion that renting wasn't worth the hassle. You have to assume that most europeans might sue you if they injure themselves on your property. I was told that Turkish courts wouldn't be interested in this type of claim. However that won't stop them trying to sue you through UK courts. So insurance with third party liability is important and then you need to read the small print to see what they require. You also need a good contract signed by your renter, look on rental web sites at other peoples contracts although I don't know how much protection it would give you in the event of a claim. Lastly if you put everything in place that you would need in a UK property such as smoke/carbon monoxide detectors etc you have covered yourself as much as possible. There is a web site that gives information to people who rent. PM me if you want details.
Hope this helps.

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