Health Insurance
I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before but things change rapidly in Turkey so I ask it again and w'd be grateful for any guidance.

We are in our 60s and recently bought a place in Fethiye. Only time w'd prove whether this was a good or horrible decision. So far, so good(ish).
However, we do not intend to become residents. As non-residents can we buy health insurance and if so is there any advantage to having one and w'd it be expensive? Recently had to visit the private hospital for a simple medical issue. It cost us almost £100 so got us thinking about health insurance.


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Health Insurance
I do not think you can take out private insurance in Turkey without residence. It is worth looking at expat international travel insurance. a policy I had a few years ago covered multiple trips, each up to 42 days for about £110, you are not covered in your own country and all trips must start and end there.


Health Insurance
Also worth checking if you have short term cover through bank/credit cards. If you want to stay for more than a month you can also do a search for 'long term travel health insurance' which will give you a range of other options.

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