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Haway the lads
Hi all My name is Terry from Newcastle, my wife and I have just bought an appartment at Agean Heights Altinkum and are hoping to be out there in march
Haway the lads
Not being rude but God we are down at the head with Geordies.It tends to make us Southerners feel very insecure.And there aint to many of us believe me. WELCOME to the the FORUM.I hope you ENJOY.


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Haway the lads
My husband is from Sunderland and I am from London - best of both worlds.

Welcome to the forum


Haway the lads
Welcome terry
there,s a lot off us GEORDIE,S living here dave the bus
And you do know that yenisar means NEWCASTLE LOL
Haway the lads
Hi There,

Welcome to the forum from two more Geordies.

There's an old song 'wherever ye gan your sure to meet a Geordie'-very true. Everywhere we go we find other 'North-easterners' have got there first.

Ann & Ray


Haway the lads
Welcome to the site.

I’m from South Shields, so more of a Sand Dancer than a Geordie.

Great result over the weekend. :biggrin:
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Haway the lads
welcome from me too..i was born in Trimdon went to school in Hartlepool..and then we moved to Carmarthenshire im Geordie Taff.
theres a great mix on the forum..and its addictive.!

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