Have scientists finally found the 'gay gene'?
A large study of gay brothers has reignited the debate over whether a 'gay gene' exists - and adds to evidence that genes influence men's chances of being homosexual.

Some scientists believe several genes might affect sexual orientation.
Researchers who led the new study of nearly 800 gay brothers say their results bolster previous evidence pointing to genes on the X chromosome.

The new evidence 'is not proof but it's a pretty good indication' that genes on the two chromosomes have some influence over sexual orientation, said Dr. Alan Sanders, the lead author.

Read more: Study of 800 brothers backs claims sexuality is in our genes | Daily Mail Online


Please don't turn this thread homophobic. I posted because I thought it interesting.

I wonder what happens with chromosomes X and Y if you're Bi-sexual.

It ends with:-

Being gay 'is sort of like having certain eye color or skin color — it's just who you are,' Zawitz said.

I 100% concur.
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Have scientists finally found the 'gay gene'?
I tend not to agree with the theory that gays lesbians are born that way.If it were true then mankind would surely die out eventually.Guess it keeps these guys in an over paid job though.


Have scientists finally found the 'gay gene'?
Oh I don't know. When I was a kid there were two guys who were "effeminate" from Primary 1 onwards. And yes they turned out to be gay. And to suggest they would "choose" to be gay , in Glasgow , in the 70/80s is silly. It was a tough , tough school and they were mercilessly picked on for it. I also have a cousin who my Mother said "I think oor wee phillip might grow up to prefer the company of men" when he was 5!!!!…..also turned out to be gay. Nah!!! Yer born gay in my opinion.


Have scientists finally found the 'gay gene'?
Science cares and anyone looking to move forward cares. How your genes make a person whom they are is a very interesting subject, especially when a fault exists in a family line. Try telling someone who has taken the drastic step of being sterilised because there is fear of passing on a faulty gene "who cares".

I applaud all work undertaken on the understanding of genes.

As a side note, as long as the majority of the populace are either homophobic or bi there is no risk of mankind dying out. I don't want to be argumentative but anyone that thinks homosexuality is not in your genes are living in a past world where they thought it could be cured, the reason it can't is because it is in your genes. Chemical castration is not a cure, a shrink can't offer a cure, they can offer a troubled person a way to come to terms with themselves. (I use the term cure as a reference only)

I have over my lifetime had friends who are gay, straight or bi but none of that made me form an opinion on them, it was who they are, and how they behaved that made me decide they were good or bad.
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Have scientists finally found the 'gay gene'?
I know a large family of 13 brothers and sisters now all aged from 62 to almost 80, one of the sisters had a family of 4 girls, one of them gay, one brother had 2 daughters and 1 son, one of his daughters has a family of 1 boy and 1 girl, the girl is gay, another sister had 2 daughters, 1 of her daughters had 2 girls, one of them is gay.
Perhaps other girls in this family may be gay but it isn't talked about, none of the boys are, only the girls.
The generation before that, no knowledge is available as all talk of non same attraction was never mentioned and kept secret.
I firmly believe each of the girls were born with a gay gene, I know of one of the girls who struggled all of her life coming to terms with who she was, watching the turmoil of her emotions and the depression and angst before finally accepting this was heartbreaking to say the least.
I think people who 'gay bash' are quite frankly completely out of touch with the reality of it all, its easy to sit in an armchair and judge, when it is in your life in some way and watching the struggle mentally, that is a different ball game entirely.
Being gay does not make you a bad person, in fact the complete opposite.
I find some comments passed about gay people quite frankly disgusting as if they are second rate citizens who deserve to be exterminated, when it is in your immediate circle and you read this, its totally heartbreaking.
Some people imply that it is dirty, one gay girl in this family is quite frankly a total angel, who spends her life caring for others, the other girls I don't know so much about but I do know they are good kind people. Making fun of it is also heartbreaking, I like to think of those making fun of it as being the people who require help, rather than the gay person.
Bickern, I have not read your link yet, I will though when time permits.
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