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Hard To Believe..
You couldn't write this stuff. This guy should not get the job as it will probably now cost a fortune to review and upgrade his security arrangements.

'The new head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, is at the centre of a security breach after his wife published family holiday photographs and other personal details on the Facebook website.' Read the full story here.



Hard To Believe..
Why does this story not surprise me in the slightest! Sheer incompentence. Problem with this government is that incompetence and failure to do your job is seen as an asset not a sacking offence!


The Carnwath Massive
Hard To Believe..
reminds me of the monty python sketch "secret service (job interview)" -- "can you keep a secret ? " --"er yes" -- "good ! your in then !"
complete farce (probably a very costly one as well


Alan Fidler

Ceteris paribus
Hard To Believe..
Totally believable and not in the least surprising... clearly the bigger the idiot you are the higher up the ladder you get... unfortunately for Mr Sawers his wife may have kicked the ladder from under him..... though on the other hand he might be in line for a promotion ???
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