Am I pretty ?
Happy Yorkshire Day
I know I put ıt up once but I couldn't resıst ıt agaın.


Well, you all know what we Lancashıre folk thınk of Yorkshıre folk.

No love lost between the two then ?


Grey wisdom
Happy Yorkshire Day
No love lost, only a war, many cricket matches and who can name 1 Yorkshire PL football club? (of the last 5 years)


Happy Yorkshire Day
It's back again. It's as if it comes around every year !
Happy Yorkshire day.
It's sunny and warm this time.
It's the day where we reflect on the year that's been, plan for the year ahead and appreciate that not everyone is as fortunate as us. Especially the bastards over the other side of the Pennines !
I am now going to get out my wellies and visit my favourite sheep to celebrate.

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