Mark and Wendy

Wendy and Mark
Happy Hillsiders
Hi All,

Just got back from having a glorious 2 weeks on the Hillside. So relaxing we didn't want to come home. Lovely weather, good company and altogether a brilliant holiday. Got our Tapu with no problem from Karma Legal in Didum although we did have to pay another £150 to Hilal Aygen otherwise she said she would send it back to Istanbul Office and we would have to fetch it ourselves. We've cancelled the POE with her and therefore don't have to have any more to do with her. But its done with now. We've got it and thats the main thing. Looking forward to going out again next year.

Hope those of you who are still out there and about to go out there are having a great time (lucky devils) I envy you

Wendy and Mark

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