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just had to say i became a grandad today for the first time.

my daughter had a lovely baby boy today, 7 lb 10 oz and both are doing well.



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Congratulations Davido, super all is well. Everyone says it is a wonderful time with Grandchildren - enjoy.


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Hi Davido

Congratulations from me too, we are expecting our forth grandchild in June.

Hope you approve of the chosen name, I always draw a deep breath; lots of names now that make my hair stand on edge. lol


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congratulations and a first grandson - oh how you are going to spoil him , enjoy . I am expecting my second grandchild any day now ....although I think we will be waiting a bit longer , the little tike is still cooking.!!!

Do share the name with us too please

Well done to all

Eve x


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Aww Congratulations.
I have 8 grandchildren eldest 17 youngest 4 and the good thing is when they drive you potty you can give them back to their parents.

Hugs Maggie xx


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Congratulations to you all, it's a wonderful experience being a grandparent. we have just been blessed with our 3rd grandchild, we have 2 grandsons age 1, and 2, our daughter number 4 out of 5 girls and 1 boy, has just had a little girl Taylor Marie 7lb 14oz.
Bless her she had an horrendous pregnancy, sick all the way through, in hospital on a drip twice, severe back pain, not a good experience for her at all. Saying that the labour was easy and quick for her, but both had to be kept in for 7days as baby had an infection ( strep b ) Both home now, baby feeding and sleeping well. They have been staying with us for a few days and are going home to Cornwall tomorrow, shall miss them all terribly, her partner is in the Navy, and has 3 months leave, but then goes to sea for 4 months. We are leaving for Turkey on Saturday for 2 months, so we shall all see a big difference in her when we get back.
Make the most of you grandson and enjoy!!
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congrats David ... and a lovely name too.
My only grandson was born on my birthday june 21st..hes 22 now... life flies so make the most of it .


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oh many congratulations David!!!! we have 6 grand children, and 3 great grand children

. our eldest grand daughter lives a few doors away from us, so we see the youngest gt grchild quite often ( they're house is up for sale so they might be moving, too soon)

we didn't see our grand children growing up, as they lived abroad, so Charlie (2 now) is the one we've had all the pleasure, fun and now, the terrible two's!!!

enjoy him as much as you can, as time certainly flies!


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Congratulations Grandad! Hope baby Lewis brings you all lotsof joy and not too many sleepless nights for the mummy and daddy!
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Congratulations! my only grandchild is called Evan Lewis and is almost 5 but I have not seen him since he was 2 as they moved to USA thank goodness for Skype etc. enjoy x


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Oh what a happy day for you GRANDAD. Congratulations.
I don't have any yet and i don't think i will have, but i'm quite happy about that and so are my 2 girls, He Hee.



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Congratulations on your news. I became a grandma 2 years ago and it was a fantastic time. My second grandchild is due at the end of June and I am as excited as before. Enjoy as they grow so quick.


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Many congratulations to you all, grandchildren are wonderful, they keep you young and on your toes, they give you a reason to spend your money and give you something to brag about. We didnt think we would have any and then two came along together. Both our lads call me nanny but grandad is called Dah Dah by Oscar and Gumpy gandad by George (Grumpy Grandad lol ) Enjoy lots of fun in the future.

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