Happy birthday to lynne
Happy Birthday Lynne - wish we were there with you lot. Never mind, will try later in the year.

All the best,

Owena and Tony


Kipper restorer
Happy birthday to lynne
All the good uns are born in June Lynne, many joyous returns !

Keep sober degil! :3:


Happy birthday to lynne
:roundgrin happy birthday Lynne, hope you are having a super day :roundgrin


Desperately Seeking Info!
Happy birthday to lynne
OMG! 2 days late wishing you a happy birthday Lynne!


No excuses (well apart from the fact that we've both been working 12+ hr days to make the lira to come and see you all again in July - grovel grovel!)

What can we do to make it up to you?... Might a bottle of blackcurrant vody help?

Hope you had a fabulous day. Looking forward to seeing you v. soon.

Love M&S


Happy birthday to lynne
Thankyou everyone for your good wishes !:52:
This birthday celebration has lasted nearly 5 days....another BBQ tonight.....
Had excellent party with 36 guests on Friday night and several people were from TLF, so thankyou to those of you that made it.
Been so busy lately that not had time to look on forum , so sorry if this message is a bit late

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