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Happy Birthday Sparrow
Big Birthday wishes Nadine hope you have a Fab day.

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Happy Birthday Sparrow
Happy Birthday from me, too, Nadine. Hope you have a lovely day.
Happy Birthday Sparrow
Dear Nadine..i hope this is the best birthday for you.
You deserve a wonderful wonderful are such a special caring i discovered when we spent some time together in Cirali.
have a glass of bubbly and one for me (two)too.


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Happy Birthday Sparrow
Thanks a lot for all your wishes, I'm glad I'm not forgotten, because I have not been posting a lot these days......
Well everytime I want to post sth, somebody else already said it.....
I suppose I'm getting slower with aging..... which in my case would be a good thing (slowing down a bit I mean)
Nothing special today, I was supposed to have a meal with two of my aerobic friends, but that has been cancelled...... so I will have that glass of bubbles as you suggest Shirley

And as for a treat, well, I already treated myself with a guided trip to Croatia last week, it was a bit tiring (maybe that is an age thing too ???!!!), I did not want to become to single-handed and pass all my time in Turkey, but I did miss a bit the Turkey atmosphere, though Croatia is a very beautiful country...



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Happy Birthday Sparrow
As Chuck Berry sings your praises, that's good enough for me. Happy Birthday Nadine!
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