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Happy Birthday Mushroom
Happy Birthday greetings to both Mushroom and Chavdar. Hope you both have a great day.


Going to get Thinner
Happy Birthday Mushroom
Lots of birthday TLF'rs so hope you all have a nice day where ever you are.

Jeannie :28:


Happy Birthday Mushroom
Happy Birthday from me too, for Mushroom and everyone else!! Have a great day.

Arrian xxxxxx


Happy Birthday Mushroom
Thanks very much for your best wishes.

I had a visit to York earlier (my birthday - wife goes shopping - have I got this wrong?) and now back home deliberating where to go out with the family for a meal shortly.
I have almost decided that it will be for a curry, but the kids have told me about spicy food at my age. I could manage a pizza, but then I might need someone to chew it for me first !

But first a slug of sanatogen (voddy & orange really) to get an appetite.

Hope your having a good one Ang?

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Happy Birthday Mushroom
Happy Birthday, and hope you enjoy the rest of your day. It's your Birthday so if it's a curry you want, then a curry you shall have, lol.

Angela Stansfield

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Happy Birthday Mushroom
Yeah, Im having a great day of relaxing! Went for a lovely lunch. I would kill for a curry at the Aagrah and there is one just round the corner from you !!!



Happy Birthday Mushroom

I opted for the curry and now as I contemplate that choice this morning I can only say that it was worth it on the night.

I am spending today sifting through the saga website.

Thanks to all for your kind comments and hope that whoever is having a birthday today, enjoys it.

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