Happy Birthday Morrisey
Happy 50th birthday to Stephen Patrick Morrisey.

I remember The Smiths breaking through in the early eighties. I was at university in Salford at the time and they were everywhere. Johnny Marr's tunes and Morrisey's lyrics were (are) brilliant.

His solo stuff has always exceeded my pessimistic expectations.

I was born in London to Irish parents and now live in Turkey so the concept of nationality has always been a bit tricky. I think of myself as London Irish and Morrisey's "Irish Blood English Heart" is my national anthem.

Many Happy Returns.

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Happy Birthday Morrisey
Oh yes indeed. A true pro too. Smiths lyrics will still be relevant in 30 years time. Brilliant!


Happy Birthday Morrisey
Saw the Smiths in Leicester many years ago, live recording for John Peel sessions, one week before "This Charming Man" was released.

Happy Birthday Morrisey.
(Oh and Johnny Marr was briliant)


Happy Birthday Morrisey
music to slit your wrists to - just like religion, never 'got it' - but happy birthday - lots of my friends love him. Even people who love good music like the Chameleons:)


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Happy Birthday Morrisey
Sales of gladioli will have flourished today, the guy would even give you the shirt off his back. He gently Hectored so many cultural icon's. We really are so lucky. The upside is that we will all get it in the end, let's pray that it is done so stylishly. The best thing to come out of Salford. Inspiral Carpets, eat your heart out, Chameleons, Red, great band, however they owe so much to an 80's Cliche, What does anything mean, basically ?.
Really great period musically, groove on.
Charmed i'm sure.


Happy Birthday Morrisey
Me and Linda had a very low key wedding and half way through the wedding dance the DJ swapped the tune for The Smiths you handsome devil, Linda was not impressed but all my mates were.
The Smiths were fantastic.
Happy Birthday


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