happy birthday jeannie
happy birthday to Jeannie and all the others celebrating today.

Hope you are spoilt by him indoors !!!

Take care


eve x:pressie:

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happy birthday jeannie
Hope you enjoy your special day Jeannie, and you get lots of pampering from hubby, lol.

Many Happy returns, to everyone celebrating today.




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happy birthday jeannie
Happy Birthday, Jeannie. Hope Victor Meldrew can at least raise a smile for you today!!!


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happy birthday jeannie
Happy Birthday Jeannie hope you have a great day whats left of it.



happy birthday jeannie
Heya my lady!

Bet that smile is larger than ever

Happy Birthday Xx from me


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happy birthday jeannie
Aw, your all so kind, thanks very much for all your best wishes.
Took Ollie to the vet today for his 2nd injection, thank god i'll get him out next week. He's soooooo cute, even at 3 in the morning.
Sally {youngest one } is gonna dog sit tonight so me and Victor can go for a wee drink {well, maybe a big one lol}

Thanks again everyone, take care,

Jeannie :286tc:

PS just like last year Debbie, i am grinning from ear to ear.


happy birthday jeannie
'Belated Birthday Wishes'
hope you have a good night.

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