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Happy Birthday Chrisbobs
Happy birthday to you. Hope you have a very good day.
Also birthday wishes to all the other members with birthdays today.


Happy Birthday Chrisbobs
A very happy birthday Chrisbobs, hope you have a good day. Also to all celebrating today, have a good one.


Happy Birthday Chrisbobs
Hope you have a nice day, if you're outside wrap up warm and if you are inside, wrap up warm lol Happy birthday

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Happy Birthday Chrisbobs
Happy Birthday Chrisbobs, enjoy your special day. Also best wishes to everyone else celebrating a Birthday today.



Happy Birthday Chrisbobs
Oh this a nice surprise seeing this thread!
The day is actually tommorrow, but hey- let the celebrations start!
They have actually, my dear old Mum rang between sets of tennis to say 'go buy yourself something'!

Keeping warm today inside and out ( thanks Gail)

and best wishes for all birthday folks for today and tommorrow ( cos I don't think I will be on-line! )


Recycled Teenager
Happy Birthday Chrisbobs
Happy Birthday ChrisBobs, have a great day today and tomorrow. Diane

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