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Hangover cure
have you tried havana rum (blanco) with diet coke and a slice of lime ?

works for me



Hangover cure
coca cola for me - kill or cure, usually cures for me.

Then lots more sleep .

sounds like you had a good one

Well done


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Hangover cure
..anguosturie bitters and water ..or loads of water before and after you drink ..also a full stomach of food....the best cure is don,t drink in the first place..:77wu::48:
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Sunny Seasider

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Hangover cure
Well we're over it now. I've had a good long walk with our Dog Monty, Hubby's been to support the local Football Fleetwood Town playing today, and we're just enjoying a glass of warmed Mulled Wine. :cheers:
Chilli Pasta Beef in the Oven for dinner with Garlic Bread, hangover's cured, lol

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