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Hi folks

There seems to be a little confusion in other threads about Hane Management. We have just returned from the Hillside and while there we were talking with Carole and Bev about what is happening.

Hane have taken over the running of the restaurant, etc. They have NOT taken over the running or the maintenance of the complex. This is still in the hands of Ufuk and any maintenance fees that have been paid are still with Ufuk - they have not been transferred to Hane Management.

Please see below a message from Hane Management:

Dear resident.

Hane Group are pleased to announce their arrival at Ufuk Hillside.

We are pleased to send you the details of our rental and property management (please see the attachments) and also to give you more information regarding Hane Group’s role at Ufuk Hillside.

We are responsible only for the recreational side of the complex :

Restaurant, bars, sauna, massage treatments, shop, etc.

Apollon restaurant will be opening very shortly with a welcome party.Free welcome punch for all.

During the evening the grill menu will be available for dining, with the full and varied menu available soon after.

We will be have an office on site and we welcome your comments and suggestions on our services.

We hope you will call in to discuss our other services :

Rentals, property management, airport transfers etc, we look forward to meeting you.

N.B. We would like to point out that your complex maintenance fees paid are for the maintenance of the complex :

Communal gardens, swimming pools, exterior lighting, individual apartment snagging etc.

All of the above are not within Hane Group’s responsibilities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything further you wish to know – we are here and happy to help.

Best regards

Hane Group

We have been dealing with Hane Management for the past three years. They have been managing our apartments, including The Hillside, in Turkey for us. We have always found them reliable - and have never had any problems as they are always on top of things. Carole Fascione speaks fluent English and fluent Turkish as well as other languages (French is one of them - maybe that's 'cos she's French!!! - lol) - therefore nothing gets lost in translation. They are always open to suggestions and really do take everything on board.

Good luck Carole and Bev - I hope your business on the Hillside really takes off - although I know it will be an uphill struggle until all the apartments are filled and there are enough people on the complex to make all your hard work worthwhile.



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Hane Management
Thanx for the update on Hane management.....i am a new resident to the hillside complex ive recently bought an apartment in the apollon block and need some info on property management as i am new to all of this and i would like it to be looked after while i am away ....
I am arriving back on the hill on Aug 16th and hope to chat to someone about this ..

Keith & Andrea

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