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Hand-Made Christmas Crackers & Cards.
I was first asked for Christams Cards when Turkey was open for tourists early September. It was lovely to see those people back. They're a British couple that normally visit 3 times a year, choosing Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby Cards etc on their 1st 2 visits but always taking Christmas Cards back home with in September.

Everything is Hand-Made by my daughter Sally and as we're now almost into November I thought it was time to put them, as I normally do, onto TLF.
Ex-pats living in and around Side, German, Scandanavian and British alike, buy from us regularly throughout the year and are really happy to find Christmas Crackers to add to their table at Christmas lunchtime as it's not something you'd normally find out here in Turkey.

We have a good choice of A5 Cards, as well as smaller cards in packs of 3 or 4 which are ideal for giving to your Turkish neighbours as well as friends.
Each of the Crackers contains a small gift, a paper crown, a Christmas joke and a LOUD bang!
They come in many colours, in packs of 4 or 5 as well as some singles for anyone that doesn't need so many.

The previous 3 Christmastimes we've had a stall at The Alanya International Christmas Fair but........Corona has put paid to that for thisyear.
So, for those of you from the Alanya area that we'd normally see at the Fair, maybe you fancy a day out to come and see us in Side?
Our office is just 150mts from The Anadolu Hospital as you go from the hospital towards the coast.
We'd love to see you again and you'll not be disappointed.


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Hand-Made Christmas Crackers & Cards.
Fabulous. Wish I was there. Good luck for xmas sales. Cards and crackers will be the best thing for the spirit of Christmas this covid year.

Freedom 49

No fun if it's too easy!
Hand-Made Christmas Crackers & Cards.
Just thought I'd bump this up as we're almost into December and next week is likely to be the last week for getting Christmas Cards to the Post Office for delivery into Europe before Christmas Day.

Business has been brisk from our friends and other Ex-Pats that live in and around Side. That's normal at this time of the year and it's also given us a chance to catch up with so many people that in any other year we would see more regularly at Quiz-Night, Table-Tops and such that are no longer allowed due to quarantines, social distancing etc.

Also, I've had a few people make the trip across from Alanya to pick up Cards & Crackers as they've bought them from Sally & myself at The International Christmas Fair the previous 3 years.
We really appreciate the fact that you took time out to come and find our office so, a big "Thankyou" to each of you. :thanks:

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