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Ham Sandwiches 'Dangerous'
How the hell did we all ever survive to adulthood?

'Children should not be given ham sandwiches because they could pose a danger to their health, The World Cancer Research Fund has warned.'




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Ham Sandwiches 'Dangerous'
l get so annoyed by the day when l hear of yet another one of these made up political correct namby pamby police state idiotic statements.
Of all the things we have ate when we were kids,by rights should now have wiped out the human population as we know it.

The biggest threat to one's health is not the foods we eat of today,lt's those bleedin' stupid idiots we call politicians that are a severe risk to the public's health.

So forget the scare stories these politicians dream up, and eat as much ham as you like garnished with a dressing of mad cow and bird flu sauce,washed down with cancerous drinks and for the sweet.Have a double helping of thick cream contaminate with salmonella and ecoli.

Or sit in the sofa listening to all this dictorative police state stupidity and lose a hell of a lot of weight so the government can tell you being slim is bad for your health
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Ham Sandwiches 'Dangerous'
It really annoys me because if it was completely left up to the health authority, what the hell would we eat???? It seems that they must get very bored in their offices with the big chairs and make up some kind of scare to have something to do - Ham has never harmed any of my family even going back generations and I will still continue to give it to my children.


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Ham Sandwiches 'Dangerous'
Ham & peaspudding sandwiches were always my favorite!

Oh how that takes me back to my childhood in County Durham..

The thing is, when i try to explain to anyone outside the North East what pease pudding actually is they look at you as if you are clinically insane!!

Best eaten with a big stottie cake!! YUM!!
Ham Sandwiches 'Dangerous'
oh how ı could just eat ham egg chıps an beans!!!!!!
or a ham an branston pıckle sandwıch defınately worth rısk eatın!!!!!!


Ham Sandwiches 'Dangerous'
Just the latest in a long line of cr@p from the Health Officials ?

There are many things that we used to eat happily and safely as kids that are now considered "Very bad" for us. Liver for example.

When I was carrying my first child my Iron levels were very low and my Dr told me to have some liver 3 times a week. Nowadays pregnant ladies are not allowed within 100 mtrs of the stuff :eek:)

Burnt toast, streaky bacon, ham, salt, sugar, eggs, various cheeses, fresh egg pasta. The list is amazing.

I think most of the results from these scientists and official idiots that do the health checks on food are not worth the time and certainly not worth the money they cost for them to produce the results.

Prepared properly and in the correct sensible amounts none of the things that are listed as bad for us now, would be. Otherwise, as someone said above, we would all be long dead.

I guess if you are taught how to cook or use even the most basic of basic food hygiene as my generation and those us before were, by mothers and grandmothers, then there is less chance of not cooking meats and eggs properly in the first place.

The most they seem to be able to do now is drop bags in boiling water, open tins and packets or queue at fast food counters.

I wonder how many 18 to 25 year old girls of today could even make a simple fruit cake, let alone know the temperatures and cooking time per kilo of fresh chicken, beef or pork.
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