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I always cut my husbands hair unfortunaty at lunchtime today while cutting hi :llama:hair and cooking dinner at the same time I forgot to put the no 2 blade back on he is was before mostly bald but nw weven more so! anyone know how to stick hair back on again, sorry to say but I laughed for fifteen minutes when he said This feels wrong! good job he wears a hard hat at work

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I'm sat here crying laughing, the exact same thing happened here during the summer. I always let hubby decide which number etc, so off I start and whizzed the thing up the back, and woops, bald, I gave it back to my hubby and said this doesn't look right, he checked it and off I went again, whizz, woops anohter line of bald patch, by this time I'm almost collapsing trying not to laugh out loud. Hubby looked again, and NO, he hadn't put the guard on. Needless to say he goes to the Barbers again now. We did have a good laugh afterwards, tho'


My wife did the same to me about 15 years ago when once she cut my hair. It wasn't funny :mmph:


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..the amazing thing with haircuts and styles nowadays if you forget to brush your hair or comb seem to be cool..:nerd:


HA G goes to the barbers and unless he gets this one young bloke who is the best it's wrong and I have to correct it!!!! Did just that an hour ago.
I keep reading your reply and cant stop laughing again I think someone will have to pull me off the ceiling aka Mary Poppins

sorry cant stop laughing now, guess what we have mice in the tea machine at work but they only like the chocolate they are getting through 4 cups a night any suggesions and dont say hobnobs to go with!
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Guys, would a woman let you near their hair with a pair of scissors ? I think not. Nuff said.


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I wont let the missus near my barnet as i have been cultivating a combover since the seventies, two full circuits of my head now, with a cows lick for style!
I dont think anyone has noticed as they are distracted by my magnificent mullet.

And wots wrong with chocolate mice? lovely--specially the little ringy tails--yum!


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I remember a few years ago, Victor went to the barbers and got his hair cut and beard all trmmied very nicely.
Well they tidied up his moustache and all you could see when he talked was his top lip, i could not move for laughing, me and the girls just went into fits every time we looked at him and this went on for about 3 days.
Still speak about it to this day and i still wet myself.#Needless to say, when i tell him to go and get his beard done properly , well if looks could kill!!!!!!!!!


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