habitation certificate - Avsallar
We have all the relevant documents tapu, hab cert, but have not been over to Turkey as yet this year, (not sure if we will be able to at all this year due to ill health). Will we still be fined as we have not been and changed the tapu to the one with the tick in the right box, or will their records show everything has been done just not collected the updated tapu.



habitation certificate - Avsallar
We were told that we would be fined as we collected the iskan in 2008 (December) and didn't update the tapu in the same year. So if you got the hab cert from Jan 09 onwards then you have until Dec this year to get it changed or you will be fined. If you have had it longer than a year then you will be fined per year, we were told it was 539tl for us and this was for 1 year, but then it does allow us until December to pay it so we're waiting til the last minute in case they reduce it!

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