gumusluk christmas
Best wishes to you too Jim and all at Gonulcelen and of course Lisburn. Have a good one and every good wish for a fab season in 2010.

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
gumusluk christmas
All the very best Jim and Ken and partners, (Sorry my mind always draws a blank on your lovely lady partner at Gunulcelen), but give her a big hug from me. Have a great New Year. We will certainly be seeing you next season.


gumusluk christmas
Hi Jim,
Thanks for the seasons greetings. Carol & I would like to wish you all at Gunuculen a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and profitable New Year. Please be good enough to tell Nesrin that we say hello. Unfortunately we wont be able to partake in your wonderful food and hospitality again until the middle of April.

Take care


gumusluk christmas
Merry Christmas to you too Jim, Ken and Nesrin.

With love and best wishes for 2010.

See you in May.

Love Nicola,Colin, Harry and Jack x


gumusluk christmas
Best wishes to you all at the excellent Gunulcelen and happy holidays ,we cannot wait to get back to your excellent establishment next summer.
from the thingthong.


gumusluk christmas
Wishing you all the best everyone out there especially The Dynamic Duo & Nesrin........... Looking forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks time..............


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