Shake It Baby...
Guide to Nose Picking
Is it teatime yet? Just thought I'd give you a nice appetite with this guide to picking the nose...

The Pick:
When you're by yourself and you uninhibitedly twist your forefinger into your nostril with childlike joy and freedom. And the best part is, there's no time limit!

Camouflaged Pick:
When, in the presence of other people, you wrap your forefinger in a tissue, then thrust it in deep and hold back the smile.

Fake Nose Scratch:
When you make believe you've got an itch but you're really trolling the nostril edge for stray boogers.

Making A Meal Out Of It:
You do it so furiously, and for so long, you're probably entitled to dessert.

Surprise Pickings:
When a sneeze or laugh causes snot to come hurtling out of your nose, and you have to gracefully clean it off your shirt.

The kind you do in a car, when no one's looking. NOTE: Someone is always looking.

Pick Your Brains:
Done in private, this is the one where your finger goes in so far, it passes the septum.

Pick And Save:
When you have to pick it quickly, just when someone looks away, and then you pocket the snot so they don't catch on to what you did.

Pick And Roll:

No explanation needed.

Pick And Flick:

Pick And Stick:
You wanted it to be a "Pick and Flick," but it stubbornly clings to your fingertip.

The kind where you remove a piece of snot so big, it improves your breathing by 90%.

Enjoy your meal...

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Shake It Baby...
Guide to Nose Picking
Now now boys and girls, be tolerant - variety is the spice of life...



Guide to Nose Picking
Definately a Turkish thing,I've seen them knuckle deep rooting away and then they want to shake your hand!!!!!!:nosepick::nosepick::nosepick::nosepick::nosepick::nosepick:

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