Greetings from a newbie.

Hi All,

Been a bit of a spectator here for a wee while but our mate Ian suggested we finally take the plunge... Cheers,Mate!
We have a wee place in Torba and love to spend as much time as possible there.
It seems we also have the same gripes as alot of people on here however the good still out weighs the bad by miles.
So hello to everyone and Woo-hoo... I've finally done it!

Alex. X


Greetings from a newbie.
Hello and welcome.!!!!

Well done for joining us your taking steps in the right direction.

Hugs Maggie xxx


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Greetings from a newbie.
Welcome to the forum packed with Turkish and non Turkish related issues.
You will laugh when you are down
You will be guided to the answers you need when there's a problem
You will always have a friend at your side when you are in need of comfort.
There is a wide variety of personalities on here,that suits all

Sunny Seasider

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Greetings from a newbie.
Hallo Alex, hope you enjoy your new hobby. I'm addicted to TLF, there's plenty of fun, info etc as Bob above has posted, he's spot on. We're not that far from you up the coast in Yalikavak.



Greetings from a newbie.
Hi Alex and welcome. We're also not far from you being at the back of Gumbet near the Universal Hospital. Like you say, the good far outweighs the bad (not really bad, just irritating and frustrating sometimes). Be careful though - this forum is addictive :roundgrin


Greetings from a newbie.
Hi Alex,

Welcome to the forum. I've found everybody here to be very nice and helpful so you'll enjoy yourself.


Cathi xx:3:


Greetings from a newbie.
:roundgrin Woo hoo to you too Alex, and a warm welcome to the Forum,
so glad you have joined us finally, join in and enjoy the craic, speak soon :roundgrin


Greetings from a newbie.
Hey Alex!
Too coincidental...you have to be Alex of Alex and Dave... A warm welcome, to the forum and back to (y)UK :0)
Lookin forward to catchin up with you guys again

Debs xx
also ansa to sniffy (to jane I will always be sniffy - despite her boys callin me smithy lol) and to Ian the dreaded DD! :0D x


Greetings from a newbie.
Thanks for the welcome folks.... there's no getting anything past you, is there Debbie.Lol X
Greetings from a newbie.
Hi Alex! Welcome to the Forum you`ll enjoy the gen and the banter.

You`re not the `big Wheel` from Falkirk we`ve heard all about (lol). We`re
from West Lothian.


Greetings from a newbie.
Well at last Alex at last! LOL I am guessing that you did it and not Dave being as he is useless on that there "puter contraption". Most of the people on here are nice and helpful. Perhaps one of us should post a request for help in opening that file I sent Dave to listen to lol. Anyway I am PM you something that you should know, Dont forget to say Hi to Sandra (sandpearce) she is a senior citizen, no no noooo sorry senior member[, on here. You can add her to your friends list. I see dee dee got in first with the hello, but I have been busy you know.

Anyway have fun and we will speak soon (if you ever answer your E-mails)


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