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Green card - at border?
I am asking a question for some friends who are returning to the UK to live. They are in the UK now and will be coming to Turkey by car in a couple of weeks to collect belongings and then make the final journey back.

Their insurance company will only give them a green card for Europe and not for Turkey. They have telephoned a couple that will issue a card for Turkey but they will have to cancel their existing policy and go with the other companies at a considerably higher rate.

I have noticed it mentioned that you can get the green card at the Turkish border - does anyone have any up to date information please.

Is there any reason NOT to do this?


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Green card - at border?
Quite a few UK motor insurance companies will only offer cover as far as Istanbul. According to them, once you cross into Asian / Anatolian Turkey you're in Bandit Country, despite the fact that most holiday insurers regard Turkey as European. :lol:

It's easy to buy Green Card insurance at the border. In fact if you turn up without it you'll probably be directed straight to the TTOK offices ( Turkish Touring & Automobile Club, equivalent of AA & RAC ). It takes just a few minutes to arrange.

It costs about 85 Euros for 14 days cover and about 105 Euros for a month.
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Green card - at border?
Tell them to avoid Serbia as they demanded a lot of cash before returning my fathers passport at passport control for no reason. Terrible bandits!


Green card - at border?
Probably different since I drove out from the UK but, Tesco Ins and Saga Ins used to cover Turkey then I believe and of course the green card was free up to your expiry date on your normal insurance.

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